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The team at Renwick Medical Centre.


Dr Buzz Burrell  

GP & Owner

Buzz is the owner of Renwick Medical Centre, he has over 20 years’ experience as a GP. We would like you to know that,  Dr Buzz Burrell will be staying in Auckland until the end of 2022, he has been offered another year with the Auckland Regional Pain Service, at the end of 2022 he will take his exams to complete his 1st part of his training to become a chronic pain specialist.


Jo Spooner 

Practice Manager

Jo has been at Renwick Medical since 2016, she enjoys working with  the lovely team she gets to work with every day.

Renwick Medical Centre 2023 RBPHOTO23_2976.jpg

Dr Sophie Bonarius


Renwick Medical Centre 2023 RBPHOTO23_2983.jpg

 Dr Laura Steen


Renwick Medical Centre 2023 RBPHOTO23_2980.jpg

Gina Theodore

HCA – health care assistant

Renwick Medical Centre 2023 RBPHOTO23_2971.jpg

Jane Sage

Registered Nurse

Renwick Medical Centre 2023 RBPHOTO23_2965.jpg

Ruth Dugan

Registered Nurse

Renwick Medical Centre 2023 RBPHOTO23_2968.jpg

Kayla Brice

Receptionist & Administration

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